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Masoud Amini
Masoud AminiPlane and manage Consultant in Oil and Gas Mega projects and Power Plant
14 years of project plan and manage history in oil and gas projects
10 years of teaching experience in project management and control courses
Teaching Over 100 Project Control Courses (MSP-P6)
Planning Consultant, PMO Office Deployment and Project Management
The author of the book is a quick tutorial on project planning and control with Oracle P6 R.16.1
• Supervisor of planning and controlling the project of the South Pars Phase 14 Refinery in the downstream area (Onshore) of IPMI Company
• Director of Project Planning and Control Phase 13 & 24-22 South Pars in the Upper Upstream (Offshore) Sepanir Company
• Master of Science in Planning and Control Project of Isfahan Refinery Development Center, Nair Pars MAPNA
• Expert planning and control design of the 16-15-phase projects of the South Pars company MAPNABOYLER
• Consultant for planning and controlling the project of black power pneumatic power plants, power plant and Kish sewage water company Mahtab Gostar Co.
• Consultant for Project Planning and Control in Iran Mali Project
• Project Planning and Control Expert in the projects of Toos, Khorramabad and Hormozgan Gas Power Plants (Moshanir)
Arash Bayazian Sarkandi
Arash Bayazian SarkandiProject plan and Manage
Management, control and implementation of projects in Azadegan plain sites
History of project management in credible telecom companies in Iran, Germany and the Netherlands
History of teaching IT and information technology plan and manage courses in Iran and India
Teaching project management according to PMBOK standard
Ziba Sadeghi
Ziba Sadeghi IT Project plan and Manage
Aligning business needs with information technology
Analysis, Research and Commerce in IT Services
Research and development of cloud marketing methodologies in IT services
Business based e-commerce business
Director of IT department of Farzan Raya Instrument
MSc in IT at APK
Master of Science in Information Technology
Network and network support at Tehran Metro Co.
Consultant for project planning and control in IT projects
Teaching Technology and Information Management courses

Tutors of project plan and manage

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