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مدیریت پروژه

Farahamrahan project planning institute

Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

Project planning and Management Services

Project planning team has been able to provide services, studies,

feasibility studies, solutions and implementation in the field of project planning and control

with the help of domestic and foreign specialists.

This team has unique backgrounds and experiences in the field of Oracle’s various software products,

and our software experts have sufficient technical knowledge to integrate various software products into an operating environment.

The standards used in this group are fully compatible with solutions provided by leading software companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and Sun.

This allows experts to analyze, design, develop and deploy comprehensive solutions such as CSM, CRM, ERP.

It also provides support and maintenance support for these technologies.

Due to the direct relationship with Oracle, the team can provide unique services, either independently or in partnership with the technical teams of the employer,

in the presence of experienced staff.

مدیریت پروژه

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