Farahamrahan management institute

1. Endeavor

Given that all classes held in this suite are for administrators and students who register for project management

to improve their level of science or knowledge ,

then all students need to make the most of their efforts to learn.

The project management institute intends to present students to the country’s project management community

with a high level of education, thus requiring all students to maximize their

efforts to attend on time and on a regular basis.

2. Respect

We pride ourselves students who intend to participate in the project management exam preparation classes,

in addition to the commitment to attend classes, must commit themselves not to participate in the test without the

co-ordination and satisfaction of the professor.

If they do otherwise, then all the consequences of this will be borne by the student himself.

Students participating in the project management test readiness classes must also sign the follow-up forms and the

commitment of the set for collaboration with the collection and make their best efforts to succeed.

in delivering the best education possible to our students.

Farahamrahan Management institute

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