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Project management Articles :

In the pursuit of improving the level of learning in the fields of project management from Project management articles , planning, and organizational control, we have designed a specialized educational platform with specific objectives. In this platform, we invite all those interested to collaborate in sharing their knowledge and experiences in the areas of project management and organizational control.

We believe that the ability to write articles in the fields of management and organizational planning is a powerful tool for transferring practical knowledge to the management community in Iran. For this reason, your collaboration as individuals with the capability to write scientific articles holds special significance.

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In this platform, please send us articles related to the field of project management. After review and approval, your articles will be published on our website free of charge. The primary goal of this endeavor is to transfer and expand the knowledge and experiences of academic managers to the general public.

We emphasize that the articles you submit must not be copies and should be published with proper source attribution. Furthermore, the articles must have a strong scientific foundation to contribute to knowledge development in this field. Uploading articles is free of charge, and no fees will be paid to the authors.

Submitting articles is done for the purpose of public access and sharing knowledge, with no financial gain for the authors. We appreciate your support and collaboration in the dissemination and sharing of your knowledge and experiences.

Wishing you success in the development of knowledge and the advancement of the fields of project management and organizational control.

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