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Professional Project Management Services Based on PMBOK7

Professional Project Management Services

  • Do you want to be recognized as a professional in the world of project management ?
  • Are you looking to enhance your project management skills with a focus on global standards ?

If your answer is yes, then the Professional Project Management Course and PMP Exam Readiness with us will be the most suitable step in this journey.

Why should you participate in the PMP exam readiness course?

This course allows you to familiarize yourself with key project management concepts according to the PMBOK 7th standard, which is the primary source for the PMP exam. Throughout the course, you will become acquainted with various exam questions, the PMP exam registration process, payment procedures, exam locations, and all the details related to this international exam.

We will guide you eagerly in the final stages to pass the PMP exam and obtain the PMP certification.

With the Professional Project Management Course and PMP Exam Readiness, you will experience the following benefits:

  • A comprehensive understanding of project management concepts based on global standards.
  • Familiarity with how to answer PMP exam questions.
  • Practice in a PMP exam simulator environment to increase self-assurance.
  • Guidance in the PMP exam registration process and readiness for the PMP exam.
  • Support in your professional journey and obtaining the PMP certification.
  • Higher efficiency from successful experiences.

If you are ready to be recognized as a professional project manager and get closer to obtaining the PMP certification, join the Professional Project Management Course and PMP Exam Readiness with us. For more information and consultation, contact our experts and take an effective step toward success!

Are you looking to develop your skills and advance your career in project management?

The PMP (Project Management Professional) certification from PMI (Project Management Institute) offers you a unique opportunity for career advancement.

Below, we explain the benefits of obtaining the PMP certification for you:

1. International Recognition as a Professional Project Manager:

The PMP certification makes you an international expert in project management. It has strict requirements that you must meet, including having experience and knowledge in project management. This ensures that individuals who obtain the PMP certification are truly experienced and educated in this field.

2. Proof of Skills:

The PMP certification not only demonstrates your knowledge and experience but also proves your skills in project management. This certification assures employers that you have the ability to successfully manage projects.

3. Increased Job Opportunities:

The PMP certification makes your resume stand out to employers. You can easily get shortlisted for job opportunities, and in job interviews, you are recognized as a professional project manager.

4. Increased Income:

The PMP certification can help you earn a higher income. Research shows that individuals with this certification receive higher salaries. Furthermore, these earnings increase over time, and the job market is growing.

5. Establishing a Common Language with Other Project Managers:

The PMP certification helps you have a common understanding with other project managers. This allows you to work effectively with your colleagues and share experiences and knowledge more easily.

6. Proving Leadership and Team Management Skills:

The PMP certification teaches you leadership, team management, and human resource management skills. These skills are essential for effective team project management, and the certification makes you recognized as an effective manager.

So, if you’re looking for a way to advance professionally and enhance your project management skills, the PMP certification is an excellent choice. This certification gives you the opportunity to be recognized as a professional project manager and progress in a successful career in project management.

Using certified project management professionals at any level of a project, from the very beginning to implementation and delivery, is exceptional. With your experience and expertise, these professionals can significantly contribute to improving project performance and achieving business objectives. Whether you are currently active in a field of project management or plan to enter this field, our Professional Project Management Course with a PMP certification is recommended.

Why should you take the Professional Project Management Course with a PMP certification with us?

Enhancement of Knowledge and Skills: By studying PMBOK topics and participating in our courses, you can update and enhance your management skills.

A More Successful Career: Participating in project management courses will make you stand out as a professional project manager with a PMP certification in the job market and bring you more successful job opportunities.

Income Increase: Various job titles in project management with a PMP certification come with attractive financial rewards. For example, as a project manager, you can earn an annual income ranging from $120,000 to $240,000 per year.

Professional Advancement: With the PMP certification, you gain access to an international project management standard, allowing you to participate in large and complex projects as a professional project manager.

Various job titles are available with a PMP certification, including project coordinator, project control specialist, project manager, project management consultant, product manager, and more. This demonstrates the diversity and attractiveness of this field. With our courses, you can easily be recognized as a professional project manager with a PMP certification and achieve greater successes.

We also ensure that in our courses, you will have an unparalleled learning experience, thanks to the expertise of prominent instructors and specialists. This will help you gain knowledge in project management and obtain the PMP certification.

So, if you are looking to learn project management and prepare for the PMP exam, we are ready to assist you with our concise and helpful courses.

Eizat Alhayat Project management

Consultation, Implementation, and Training in Project Management , Planning, and Organizational Control

As a seasoned Project and Program Manager with extensive experience in various domains, I envision this project management and business modernization endeavor as a holistic approach to enhancing organizational performance and decision-making. In today’s data-driven world, the role of strategic decisions based on accurate and timely data cannot be overstated.

Business Modernization with Power BI: Guiding Towards Smart Decision-Making

In the realm of modern business, harnessing the power of business intelligence tools is paramount. Microsoft Power Business Intelligence, in particular, stands out as a robust and effective solution. It’s a game changer for organizations seeking to elevate their performance through data-driven insights.

Business Empowerment with Power BI: From Data to Meaningful Information

Business intelligence is the alchemical process that transforms raw, meaningless data into actionable insights. With Power BI, this transformation becomes accessible to everyone. From data accumulation to comprehensive analysis, Power BI streamlines the journey from information overload to meaningful decisions.

From Data Accumulation to Analyzing All Aspects of the Organization:

In an era of data abundance, organizations collect mountains of information. Yet, they often struggle to extract value from it. Business empowerment, facilitated by Power BI, empowers organizations to unlock the potential of their data, enabling comprehensive analysis of every facet of their operations.

Microsoft Power BI: The Top Choice for Business Empowerment

Microsoft Power BI has garnered acclaim as a leading business intelligence tool. It empowers users to craft analytical reports and dashboards that facilitate data access and analysis at all levels of an organization. With Power BI, your journey from raw data to meaningful insights becomes seamless.

Course Outline:

Our course dives deep into the realm of Power BI, covering:

– Designing, developing, and implementing analytical reports and dashboards.
– Fundamental business intelligence concepts and data analysis and visualization.
– Key performance indicators and how to define and use them effectively.
– Different types of analytical reports and dashboards.
– A comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Power Business Intelligence tools.
– Data retrieval from various sources and ensuring data accuracy.
– Data modeling and a solid grasp of the DAX language.
– Data visualization techniques.
– An overview of Power BI Service and its unique features.
– Sharing reports and dashboards with well-defined access controls.
– Keeping your dashboards and reports up-to-date.
– Leveraging Power BI Report Server for sharing.
– Accessing reports and dashboards on mobile devices.
– Integrating project management into the realm of business empowerment.

Recipients of Power BI Services:

Our program caters to a diverse audience of professionals, including:

– Business Intelligence and Information Management Specialists.
– Project Management Specialists.
– Strategic Planning Specialists.
– Process Management Specialists.
– Sales and Procurement Specialists.
– Human Resources and Financial Management Specialists.
– Industrial Engineers and Information Technology Specialists.

Investing in the Future with Power BI:

By engaging in our business empowerment course, you’ll equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to drive intelligent decision-making within your organization. It’s an investment in your future, enabling you to create a smart environment where data guides meaningful decisions.

Duration of the Power BI Course:

Our comprehensive course spans 24 hours, providing you with a deep dive into the world of business intelligence with the Power BI tool. This training is designed to equip you with the skills necessary to navigate the modern landscape of data-driven decision-making and project management.

Your pursuit of big data science and project management aligns well with the forward-thinking nature of this course. It’s a strategic move to position yourself as a data-driven leader in the field.

Eizat Alhayat Project management

Professional Project Management ( Predictive Projects )

Professional Project Management Services Based on PMBOK5

In our private professional project management training school, we will help you prepare quickly and confidently for the international PMP exam through comprehensive scheduling.

PMBOK, short for Project Management Body of Knowledge, is prepared and presented by the international nonprofit organization PMI, or Project Management Institute. This standard, by leveraging project management knowledge and tools, has increased the chances of success in projects.

PMI serves as a reference for the alignment of management actions to synchronize and overlap organizational objectives. It shows us which project management processes are necessary and what actions must be taken to synchronize these processes.

The Professional Project Management Certificate

PMP, has global validity and is one of the most important international certifications in the field of project management. Obtaining this certificate will enhance your personal skills, and you will be recognized globally as a top project manager.

The PMP certificate serves as a common language among all project managers in the professional community and allows you to connect with over 1,036,368 project managers worldwide.

The private Professional Project Management PMP training course provides you with comprehensive solutions based on the experiences of top project managers and lessons learned. This course will help you manage projects with low error rates and develop the necessary personal management skills.

The PMP Professional Project Management exam is one of the most complex management exams and requires precise training. Therefore, our management, planning, and project control training school is here to assist you with its expertise and knowledge to help you obtain this important international certificate.

The areas of knowledge in PMP Professional Project Management include:

  • Integrated Project Management: Synchronizing and integrating areas of knowledge to achieve project objectives.
  • Project Scope Management: Executing project activities according to an approved plan.
  • Project Time Management: Planning, controlling, and scheduling the project from start to finish.
  • Project Cost Management: Planning, controlling project costs for optimal project execution within the approved budget.
  • Project Quality Management: Executing the project in conformance with the established objectives for increased customer satisfaction.
  • Project Resource Management: Planning, controlling, and managing resources for better resource utilization in the project.
  • Project Communication Management: Managing communications between stakeholders in all areas of knowledge and project management phases.
  • Project Procurement Management: Understanding contracts and disputes between parties in the project and planning for contracts.
  • Project Stakeholder Management: Managing, planning, and controlling stakeholders in the project.
  • Project Risk Management: Managing, planning, and controlling the probability of risks and opportunities in the project.

Now that PMBOK5 is no longer in use and PMBOK7 is being used as the valid standard for the exam, with the extensive knowledge this standard brings, our training school is ready to provide you with private training for this version of the standard.

Eizat Alhayat Project management

Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Preparation

Private PMP Exam Preparation School:

In our school, the Professional Project Management PMP course is presented based on the global standards of PMBOK, and experienced instructors in the field of project management teach this course.

Our primary goal is to enhance the knowledge and experience of students in the field of project management and to strengthen the country’s managers to become prominent managers in the global PMBOK standard and the PMP course offered by the PMI institution.

To achieve these goals, deep and comprehensive specialized training is a priority, and various methods are used to communicate with students to increase the pass rate in the Professional Project Management PMP course.

These efforts make students use us as their close companions and easily accessible for their needs in the community of the Management, Planning, and Project Control School.

We are also advocates of your goals and make every effort to ensure that you see the results of your investment in time and money with the best possible quality.

Course coverage includes:

Preparation for the PMP Professional Project Management Exam, which requires a calculated process.

This process includes the following:

  • Professional Project Management PMP Course
  • Teaching and presenting content and the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) book.
  • Teaching and presenting using the RITA book.
  • Converting content into notes and similar test exams.
  • Providing an international project management exam simulation.
  • Project Management troubleshooting classes to increase student readiness.
  • Telephone follow-up on student planning and progress.
  • Mental and psychological preparation of students for success in the international PMP Professional Project Management Exam.
  • In this PMP readiness course, with precise and comprehensive planning, you will acquire project management skills and readiness for the exam.

The journey begins with an orientation session in which the instructor, mentor, and you as the learner get acquainted and discuss the course’s objectives. Afterward, in the first and second sessions, you delve into studying the intellectual framework and key concepts.

In sessions three through five, you learn various project development approaches and become familiar with Agile and Scrum methods in detail. The sixth session concludes with the first exam of the course, after which individuals are guided according to their plans for obtaining the PSMI certificate.

Sessions seven through eight focus on people management, and in the ninth session, you reach another exam that enables you to create an account on the PMI website and complete the application.

Sessions ten through fifteen cover topics such as tools and techniques, planning, execution, delivery, project control, and risk management. Finally, in the eighteenth session, you address tailoring and the business environment, and if possible, a third exam is held.

In this way, with all the effort and a highly structured approach to content delivery, you will prepare for the PMP exam in the best possible manner.

Professional Project Management

Arash Bayazian Sarkandi
Arash Bayazian SarkandiProject Manager
PMP-certified Project and Program Manager, leads Eizat Alhayat Project Management Services in Dubai. With a diverse international background in Iran, India, and Germany. excels in negotiation, stakeholder management, and business development. Adept at software team building, strategic planning, and resource optimization, particularly in FMCG, startups, and high-tech environments. His expertise extends to Smart Grid and Machine to Machine for Industrial Intelligence, reflecting a commitment to cutting-edge technologies.

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