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How can a successful manager or project Manager become a successful investor?

One of the key indicators of a successful manager is successful investing. Project management is a discipline through which successful managers learn how to execute a project to its fullest potential, ensuring its successful completion.

For a successful manager, one of the significant projects can be acquiring financial resources (investing) to generate wealth. Individuals in the category of investors manage money in a way that, like project employees, works for them, producing capital and wealth. This is a common trait shared between a successful project manager and a successful investor.

Today, many individuals offer financial and investment advice to investors, but unfortunately, they do not possess the financial capacity for investment themselves. Robert Kiyosaki, one of the most successful individuals in modern content production regarding capital and investment management, believes that the rules of money, wealth, and capital have completely changed, and traditional, old-fashioned perspectives no longer guarantee financial and capital success.

As a result, you may end up losing all your capital within a few months, which signifies a failure in life’s most significant project. To succeed as both a manager and a successful investor, you must increase your financial intelligence (investment intelligence) and this can only be achieved through gaining knowledge and education in capital management, leading to financial and capital intelligence.

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Individuals are categorized into four income groups, including:

  • Employees
  • Small business owners, self-employed professionals, or experts
  • Large businesses with more than 500 employees
  • Investors

To become smarter in any field, you must put effort into solving financial (capital) problems and finding innovative and new solutions to multiply and address your wealth. In other words, act more intelligently in that field.

To efficiently utilize acquired money and capital for becoming wealthier, you must increase your investment intelligence in five key areas.

Successful Manager or Project Manager Five key areas of investment intelligence :

  • Increasing income and acquiring more wealth for becoming a capital owner.

  • Protecting and preserving wealth and capital.

  • Budgeting the wealth and capital skillfully.

  • Leveraging wealth and capital for more gains and problem-solving.

  • Enhancing financial knowledge and investment.

  • Anyone who can put more effort into acquiring skills in these areas can become a successful investor in financial projects they manage.

  • In the next part of this article, we will discuss in detail acquiring skills and experience in investment projects to transform into a successful manager from Mr. Kiyosaki’s perspective.

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Technologists and Innovation in the Creative and Knowledge-Based Ecosystem

In the ever-evolving landscape of innovation-driven entrepreneurship (IDE), the role of technologists and innovators is paramount. They are the architects of creative and knowledge-based businesses, shaping the future of startups and fostering unprecedented growth and development.

Knowledge Based and Creative Businesses from Our Perspective ( innovation-driven entrepreneurship (IDE) ):

As we delve into the world of IDE, our perspective is clear: startups, innovative companies, and knowledge-based businesses are the heartbeat of progress. These entities, often in their infancy, demand substantial attention from investors and undergo rigorous evaluations as they embark on their journey to secure essential capital.

Author: Arash Beyazian Serkandi & Hamid Hoseinnasab

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Topic: How can a successful manager or project Manager become a successful investor?